Posted by: thisiskv | July 31, 2012

25 Random facts about Kaveto…



1) When I was a kid I wished I had SUPER Powers. (I still do =) ).

2) When I was 16 I taught myself to drive a car.

3) I love pets but my dog Zowie will always be my favourite.

4) I always considerd Zowie as my little brother.

5) Till this day I have never been drunk before.

6) I enjoy learning new skills and constantly take on new hobbies.

7) I’m in love with an amazing girl who is like my best friend. You know who you are =) !

8) My current mission in life is to full fill my personal calling and save the world from boring people.

9) I want to write a book.

10) I had piercings but my sister did not approve!

11) I used to have a huge crush on one of my facebook friends but now I can laugh about it.

12) I love all Fifa games.

13) When I was a kid I wanted to grow up and become a doctor. My mom was a nurse and when my dad would attend meetings out of town, I would sleep over at the hospital.

14) In the last 4 years I have made a list of things I want to achieve. I’m only missing afew goals of the list, and I plan to achieve them by end of 2014.

15) After I make my 1st million, I wont forget to send a thank you note to my good friends Phill and Drew.

16) Most of my success has come from “Faith”. “Faith it till you make”.

17) By the time I was 13, I had lost both my parents.

18) Over the years I have learned that good family is hard to find. Thankfully I’ve managed to find them and I love them alot.

19) One of my biggest fears was love. I used to push those who love me the most away because my Father fell into deep depression after my mom died.

20) I consider Romanus to be my mentor in the field of academics.

21) I don’t take too many things seriously, so I’m always up for adventure.

22) Currently my favourite toy is my Playstation 3.

23) Blue is one of my favourite colours.

24) I believe that I’m already a whole person. I don’t need a girl to complete me; just one to compliment me and enhance my life.

25) I want to change the world by adding value to it with my gifts and talents.


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