Posted by: thisiskv | June 17, 2012

The Brave heart part 2

Writers note:  This post is dedicated to my big sister Anghi. My Aunt Christine, a woman who is gracious and humble. She has been supportive and worked behind the scenes to make things happen in my life. To Annika and my cousin Monica.   Sincerely Kaveto .  

It was a hot Sunday afternoon and my mother was moving around quickly in the kitchen busily making lunch. I was in the sitting-room playing Fifa ’96 on my TV game. Suddenly there was an almighty crash in the kitchen as a heap of plates toppled over and shattered on the hard floor. I immediately jumped up and ran through to the kitchen shouting, “It wasn’t me! It wasn’t me!”. My Life often starts by healing guilty consciences.

The Brave heart part 2 

The journey to healing for most of us has begun a lifelong process. A journey of entering the dark rooms in our hearts and throwing out all those false ideas not based on truth that keeps pulling us back. That ongoing war and the constant attacks on our hearts. You could be laying there on the floor, your heart has been broken, and you’ve been let down too many times. But you just lay there, not moving at all. Your heart’s there as well, laying on the floor next to you. Broken into a million pieces and then you stand up. You walk away from it all…heartless!

I wish I could jump back in time. I look at her early twenties and I hurt for the young lady that was confused and alone. Whose heart was trampled on. The many needless heart-wounds, just trying to fit in and be acceptable. When we give our best efforts and end up broken anyways. I wish I could jump back in time and tell her to forget the conflicting voices of men and follow God from the very beginning. That her heart wasn’t “evil” or “rebellious” and her desires weren’t “fleshly”. That she needed to find out what was true about herself from God alone, not men.

Maybe I could jump back to the beautiful girl who was hiding her heart behind high walls; built to keep the evil world and influences out that her heart no longer had life.

I would tell her what Darcy said “that telling yourself that the way you dress is more godly, more pure, that you’re better than they [are] and God loves you more for dressing unattractively. Trying to stuff the pain that comes from being ashamed of your beauty and the evil it causes the poor men around you. Trying to tell yourself that this is your lot in life. Trying not to look longingly at the pretty things that you can never wear. Trying not to wonder what it would be like to feel cute for a change. Using pride as a wall to protect your hurting heart. And feeling guilty for it all. I was you once”

And when her efforts to attain the “Proverbs 31 woman” fail, and she is suddenly faced with a limit—that she is not perfect. That she doesn’t have everything under control. When her heart is bruised and delicate; and her heart can no longer endure so it wants to close off…. Keeping fighting braveheart.

And if I am captured and The Enemy attacks my heart, he will attack your beauty and your heart. But you are strong braveheart girl. Grab your sword and fight for us. Because In the end, we will be alright. We may be struggling now, but in the end we will be alright. We are not perfect, some more broken than others ,maybe not where we would like to be. But we are on a journey and in the end we will get there. As long as we never stop moving forward, never stop dreaming and never give up, we will be alright.

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