Posted by: thisiskv | November 23, 2011

The Pursuit of Happiness…

At this moment I feel like I’m in the middle of a desert with nothing in sight. There’s only hot air blowing in my face, my lips are dry and the sun’s rays bring heat that is unbearable. Everything sucks at the moment! And that is the truth. Nobody’s life is as awesome as it appears on Facebook. George Clason said “The hungrier one becomes, the clearer one’s mind works. Also the more sensitive one becomes to the odors of food.”  Many of us are hungry for something; money, love, success or happiness. Maybe even all of them! And when you’re hungry you try everything just to feed your stomach. I remember last year when I was broke for 3 months (the worst ever!). I found myself walking up and down the food court hoping to meet someone who would invite me for a meal :). Haha, those are my not so glorious days, but on a serious note the hunger I’m referring to here forth is not of food only. Hunger can distort the way you see the world. I myself have seen the world all of a different color from what it really is…

When I was a boy life seemed so fun. All I ever did was, eat and play in the sand. Being young, all of life is fun and without any problems at all. You don’t see how you parents struggle to pay for the bills or what they do to make sure there is food on the table. All I expected when I got home was dinner and a nice warm shower. I used to see life like this for a while and all was good. Then my parents passed away and life became miserable.  When you lose the people who genuinely care about you the most, you lose a bit of your happiness as well. For two years we had a restless life. Things went from bad to worse when we lost the house we grew up in. I felt the hopelessness of my situation… In my misery I started to think why all this bad things happened to me? If God is good why does he let all these things happen? Why am I so cursed that I have to lose both my parents? Where can I find happiness or is happiness just in God’s hand?? All of these questions were jumbled in my mind. I looked to others to see why they were so happy or fortunate, I prayed for answers…But months later, low on energy and my questions were still unanswered…

I started to live life with the attitude of “What new miseries and disappointments await me”



I wrote the 1st half of this blog just a few days before I had to go to the village. I didn’t get a chance to finish writing it but now that I’m back I’m glad I didn’t because what happened that side made me see the world in it’s true color again.

The thing is we have all been there before…Feeling alone and hopeless. Maybe to varying degrees, but no one’s life is a series of unbroken chains of victories. We all experience setbacks, defeats, losses, and failures. Losing does suck and it can be so depressing sometimes that we dig a hole and hide ourselves in it. This hole can be so deep that it is hard for us to get out of. And here is where the answer I was looking for comes in…

Jesus said “And behold Im with you always till the end of the age”. That is the answer I spent almost 11 years looking for?! Yes it is. It means he is with his people. When you are suffering, Jesus is there; when you are blessed Jesus is there. We have not been abandoned and because of that it should change how I see things and change my behavior.

People shouldn’t confuse “honesty” with a type of “happiness”. He can be honest because he is happy. It’s not true! Although Failure can leave scars, it is not necessarily bad. It is reality. But it’s more than just bragging about failure, which could be a form of ego. It’s about truly helping people. Helping each other to get up when we have been knocked down. Honestly loving others as we love ourselves. That’s what really counts and what also brings joy. Life can change in an instance, so reach out to that person.

Even with all the disappointments in my life, I still feel I’m the luckiest guy in our family. Many of my misfortunes have turned out to be my best friends.

In closure, I’d like to thank all the people out there who help strangers. You keep the hope alive and show that the world cares and it is not always gloom and doom. You know who you are, and my heart is filled with gratitude.

P.S. And I can not forget, Happy birthday Ella! Praying for your happiness 🙂



  1. why am i the last 1 to find out tht u have a blog? =D

    from reading everythin,all i can say is: u bring me HOPE =)

    and i pray tht God fills u with more love,kindness and happiness..

    ❤ Strawberries ❤

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